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Gracenote, Inc. is a company owned by Nielsen Holdings which provides music, video and sports metadata and automatic content recognition (ACR) technologies to entertainment services and companies, worldwide. Gracenote's music recognition technologies compare digital music files to a worldwide database of music information, enabling digital audio devices to identify songs. The company licenses its technologies to developers of consumer electronics devices and online media players, who integrate the technologies into media players, home and car stereos, and digital music devices. The company operates five businesses: Music, Video, Sports, Automotive and Video Personalization. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, the company employs approximately 1,700 people in 20 offices around the world.

A former employee shared his experience," I worked at Gracenote full time for a year. High school atmosphere, full of gossip & bullying. Mental health is not considered important. Cliques form. No opportunity to progress or add your own skillset to innovate despite being promised. Gracenote is toxic to the core."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"After working here I can't really think of any."

Former Employee - Software Engineer In Test says

"I had worked at Gracenote until 2017. Now as Im applying for my greencard I need an experience verification letter form them. I contacted the HRBP of Gracenote through email and she did not respond to me for a few. Then I contacted the Director of HR at Nielsen and she referred me back to the HRBP of Gracenote. This is when the HRBP of Gracenote responded to me and then she told me she would provide me with the experience letter. Now its been two weeks and I have not heard back from both of them despite repeated emails to them. I dont understand why they are not able to provide something as trivial as this. My greencard application is stuck in a limbo because of them."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Nielsen corp takeover. More clueless VPs in roles they should not be in. HR clueless what happens globally and for themselves."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Stale management who feels comfortable making few technology changes. Infighting and feifdoms at all levels of the organization. People are mor interested in CYA and backstabbing than promoting good products."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Inadequate pay, lack of communication resulting in new methods not being implemented smoothly and many are kept out of the loop even when a simple e-mail would suffice. Management tends to lie and lead employees on (contract workers in particular- if you get a job here continue to apply elsewhere. You can wind up working years with zero PTO outside of main national holidays and a very mediocre healthcare plan through your temp agency.) Room for advancement is minimal (practically non-existent), as are any "raises" . The work itself is boring and repetitive, and the computers used are barely able to handle the few programs that are necessary."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Gracenote used to care. No longer. You are worth nothing to them, and they remind you of that at every given chance."

Former Employee - Editorial Specialist says

"Hard to advance, for the work you do you deserve a higher salary, they do not value their best people, they are not transparent and I lost every manager I had over the years in secretive meetings and then they were gone the next day."

Current Employee - A Hard Working Employee says

"- Gracenote used to be a great company to work for some years back and had an amazing culture. Vibes among the employees were mostly positive . But with recent changes of moving from one parent company to another , lot of great people left the company and took the great culture along with them.What is left now at higher management level are bunch of selfish souls who are only worried about their retention bonus and salaries . They are making random layoffs every few months to balance their budget and have no vision on how to grow the company . - Growth is very limited if you only work hard , you need to lick your manger's boot to grow in this company , that is the culture being promoted lately . - Very little influence of engineering , company has stopped respecting quality engineers and that too when they are aware that there is shortage of engineering talent and not many people like to join a company in that part of East Bay . Surely , some people in management are not seeing signs of downfall or are ignoring them for immediate personal benefits . - Some people at higher management have been around for years and are now feeling insecure about their position . They have been taking irrational decisions to keep their position strong in the company . Its all messy politics now !"

Cable/Satellite Editor says

"Unrealistic expectations; terrible organization; bad management; low pay; high stress."


"1) Dishonesty, bullying, intimidation, and backstabbing in PMO is a norm 2) No structure, no visibility into different department projects, 3) Overwhelming amount of work with very little reward 4) A lot of "lip service" about transparency, about "WE" but in reality, it does not exist 5) Hired some bad apples who drove really good people away"

Finance Accounting Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The management that had encounter did not treat people fairly and micro-manged everything that we did. It became very frustrating that they had no confidence in their team to do their job accordingly."

Finance & Accounting (Former Employee) says

"출퇴근 시간이 자유롭다는 외국계기업의 장점이 있으나, 고용의 안정성이 매우 낮은 점은 큰 단점임.출퇴근시간 자유 조정가능재무팀은 야근이 많고 고용의 안정성이 전혀 없음"

Content Editor (Former Employee) says

"This company was less than enjoyable. Temps make more money than employees that have been there for 20+ years. Monotonous work including mostly data entry for program scheduling. Management is lacking as they have no set goals in mind, so daily tasks are always changing drastically."

VP (Former Employee) says

"I've never seen an office where people hate each other so much. It was deep and bitter. There is constant turnover in senior management and in company ownership. It's a remarkably poisonous environment."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"As an applications and systems developer, Gracenote was a very poor fit for me. They lured me with the prospect of working on migrating their system from Oracle to Hadoop, but it never materialized. Instead, I was working on essentially patches and minor changes to their existing, labyrinthine system. There was no hope of ever getting to do what I was hired for, much less what I am good at doing. It was a waste of my skill set and experience.made friends with good peopletraditional management style, product driven (vs. technology), no modern development practices, developers are really devops"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"many layoffs, and job security for most was not obtained. Personally retiring to relieve the uncessary stress the job contained. I was able to learn many positions there, but my most favorite position was Corporate Trainer. This company Started as Tribune Media Services in 1989 until 2001, we bought out another Company TV Data and just recently was sold again.. Job Security is not prevalent with this company anymore.Good BenefitsJob Security"

media mapper (Former Employee) says

"A great lack of interpersonal communication. A very robotic atmosphere with little or no conversation taking place, even briefly. It also seemed that even those in "management" did not communicate with subordinates unless there was an issue. And never a thank you for special projects completed timely."

Senior Editor (Current Employee) says

"There is basically no opportunity for advancement in this company unless you're in the clique and even then most jobs will max out. The favoritism is rampant within the local business unit. The vast majority of employees are not held accountable for their actions. The workers who do the best work are taken advantage of, while the inefficiency of the slackers is rarely addressed. Instead of listening to employees to improve things, more often than not the employees are told their ideas are not reasonable. Many members of the management team lack self-awareness and essential social skills, which contributes to a steady decline in morale. To make things better there will be an occasional pizza day or a simple pat on the back, but nothing more. The members of the team are lacking the necessary skills to use the people with the most experience and education and put them in positions to help the company grow. Instead, favoritism tends to win the race and some people with incredible skills in the communications field are suppressed. If you're in the IT field this is probably a good place to seek employment. If you're in the communications field this could be a great place for you to gain a little experience before moving on.Flexibility, consistency, locationHealthcare, Favoritism, Human Resources"

Executive - Electronic Content/Production & Admin (Former Employee) says

"* day to day work is interesting and entertainment. * I learned monitoring TV programmer, CMS and EPG work. * Work management is cool. * Workplace colleague all very helpful for achieve goals. * The hardest part of the job is TV program time maintain. * Once our team take new project or finished old project then office provide ultimate party, dinner, lunch and out trip."

System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This job is mentally draining - and overwhelming at times. You need to be able to focus, and remain positive and professional, while striving to meet and go beyond the deadline-driven environment that keeps Gracenote ahead of its competitors.Management issues, lack of training, employees seem to remain uninformed about news/decisions in the company"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I was an employee for many years. I had seen the up and down but never lost faith in it until 2015. I quit because the company has been doing worse. It lost the valuable core values. The middle management was getting bigger for no reason and those in the middle management were the ones who had no talent but know how to run the place diplomatically. I had respects to a lot of talented hard working people there and they should have deserved better. I hope it will change!"

Automotive Product Management (Current Employee) says

"Good place, self-centered people though. Can be more engaging and helpful. There can be better direction for the overall company."

Live scorer sports (Former Employee) says

"Het werk zelf is best oké, sportwedstrijden kijken en gebeurtenissen uit de westrijd verwerken. Communicatie met leidinggevenden is slecht, zijn vaak te druk met hun eigen dingen. Ook wordt je niet goed ingewerkt, waardoor je veel zelf uit moet zoeken. Ten slotte heb je weinig contact met je collega's omdat iedereen gefocust is op zijn eigen werk."

Graphic Designer (Contract) says

"However the worst things about it I would have to say is that it is very miss communicated in it's entirety, many mistakes are often made on a daily basis due to poor communication skills between management and the employees.Very Flexible in most things, hours, being late, lunch times etc.poor communication, poor management"

Jason Hobert says

"I ordered 500 4-panel digipaks from WTS. 1) They advertise a "5-day turnaround" What they don't tell you is that they don't work weekends or holidays, it takes 2 business days to get your files approved, and that they start on "Day 0". Between all of this nonsense, it took 12 days for FedEx to get my shipment (not including shipping time). 2) When inserting metadata to my CDs, they said they couldn't use an umlaut over a "ü". I'm not sure if they don't do any non-English characters, but an umlaut u is pretty basic. As half of my song titles are in German, this was a problem. 3) Speaking of metadata, they don't bother to tell customers that they don't submit your metadata to Gracenote. That means you receive 500 CDs without info when you put them into iTunes. I contacted my mastering engineer and he confirmed that he'd never heard of a duplication company that doesn't submit to Gracenote. I contacted a few other duplication companies and they confirmed that it is standard practice to do so. 4) The digipaks are cheaply made. I dropped my digipak 1x and the inside CD holder broke off. To see if that was normal, I took another artist's digipak printed by Disc Makers and slammed it on the floor 5x. It didn't break. 5) The print job is mediocre. I sent them digital art that had an fair amount of detail done by a professional artist. The overall grand picture looks OK, but some of the intricate details of the art are somewhat blurry. That being said, I gave them 2 starts instead of 1 because the CDs work and their customer service is quick to respond (albeit with negative news). Other than that, I am very dissatisfied."

Michael Hoyt says

"I was disappointed. I received my CD's and they look beautiful but in my computer none of the ISCR, EIN or track information ended up on the CD. Just track #'s and Unknown Artist. Also, I know there is a allowance for over/under runs, but it is still disappointing when I ordered 100 cd's and only receive 90. I talked with customer service and showed them the box, fully packed with only 90 CDs in it. They refunded 10% which is fine. In regards to them not showing data on media players, they asked me to send back two to investigate why the track data did not play. They sent me a screen via email later showing that the data displayed fine in their test. I have now tested it on multiple devices. The songs do play fine, but will only display track data in the cars I tested, but on 5 different PCs. 1 Macbook, 1 Mac Pro and one Xbox One, none of them displayed track data (names, EIN, ISCR Codes, song titles, etc). The music plays fine on all players, but the only place that shows the track data was in a car, but not on a PC, Mac or computer based players. In summary, I wouldn't recommend WTS with small CD-R CD orders if display data when inserting in a computer is important to you. WTS states, 'it is not with the CDs, but the players you are using' but with only 3 displaying (cars only) of 11 different players, I disagree."

Nelson Nieves says

"While I have noticed that the quality of WTS packaging has become better than it used to be, the cover is still not as glossy and does not match that of DiscMakers. The price is better and the sound quality is great. My customers want great sound quality and the best price, and this is why I still opt to use WTS for printing their CDs. I'm a graphic designer/photographer who helps local music artists with their album covers and up to this point, I have only used WTS for the work I've received. I love the customer service and I feel we have a good relationship. I have not have any trouble with my orders and everything has been fine, but recently, I have been approached by a few musical artists that want the same quality packaging as DiscMakers. They have high gloss UV Coating and I am not sure if WTS offers that yet. If not, then perhaps I have not been clear with what I want in my orders. That's really the only thing that is a negative for me. Other than that, everything else is fine."

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